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Just Released, Brand New! Never watched fresh movies and scenes.
  #75 Carlo Pounds Chez a Night to Remember #78 Cock Sucker Academy 3, Jason's Private Lesson with The Boss #77 A Beer and a Blowjob with Matt #76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced! DVD #75 Boss Pounds Chez!  
Just Added, These movies are different than "New" they are movies or select scenes that previously could only be seen on DVD that have been "Just Added" as a stream! Some include Matt Classics and movies from The Vault! Don't miss what's be "Just Added", get on The Mailing List.
  #34 Adam Garage Stroke JV Chokes on Matts Cum Jersey Muscle Breaking a Sweat, Nick and Jeff Biceps! Sun, Sweat and Muscle Cumming on Sauna Walls Athlete's Feet!  Total Foot Worship 47 Joey Feed Mario (Cums in his eye)
  Tommy Worshiped and Seduced, His First Blow Job! Brad: Feeding Ethan #23 Matt Slams Billy..Matt Classic! #31 Nick's Premiere: Shooting a Thick Muscle Load #45 A Soldier Salutes Adam!
What's Hot!...Who's Hot, What's trending and what are some of the fan favorites and Most Watched! A movie, a scene or even a Bundle can become a Hot Best Seller for many reasons: The content, the crew member, or The BUZZ! Many times a movie buyer watches a movie and tells friends, or posts a review to a blog or a webiste or tweets about it. We see an immediate spike in that movie or scene sales! Other movies are just that fucking good that they are always being watched! You decide!
  DVD #75 Boss Pounds Chez! #69 Carlo Uses and Abuses Christopher #23 Matt Slams Billy..Matt Classic! Tommy Worshiped and Seduced, His First Blow Job! 47 Joey Feed Mario (Cums in his eye)
  Christmas Wish Bundle #46, 53, 63 and 72 Brad Monster Bundle 57, 58 & 68! Matt Pounds Derek Atlas! Blessed Twice, Matt and Adam Tag Team Robert Game Changer, Brad Blows Carlo Brad Fucks Billy Twice in 1 Night!
  Matt Worshipped and Seduced, The First Blessing! Brad Tears Pete Up! #56 Cock Sucker Academy, Scotts Private Lesson with The Boss Greg's Wake-up Call    
What's Next With The Theaters! Next, means there is more to come; and there is..lots!.

We will be rolling out new theaters and loyalty rewards as you may know, with a new (FREE) login and password so that we can reward movie buyers with special pricing, discounts and promotions and so you can purchase multiple movies without having to re-enter certain information. Quicker, Faster, Better..and keeps us involved with buyers trends, wants and needs.

We are rolling out brand new releases and more just added releases. We are also building new bundles, and adding to current bundles.

We will be adding additional theaters and categories to the Purple Menu (above left): one that will list out all available bundles and one that will list out movies by Crew member.

Get more in depth detailed information, words from The Boss, and announcements by reading The Muscle Mafia Blog, (Subscribe to the Blog) But the only way to get special offers, discounts and mailing list only releases Subscribe To Our Mailing List Join Our Mailing List.

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