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DVD# 24

All Things Red!

A Compilation DVD

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes
Category: Muscle Worship / Domination
Crew Member (s): Matt, Carlo, Billy, Steven
Cocksucker: Piss Boy Jimmy Gets Pissed on
Joey's Blow Job Debut! Did this kid have any idea what he got himself into when he met us on that infamous traffic jam that hot stormy summer day. Like any true young, hung horny muscle jock with a body to pull it off, Joey's ego and his desire to show-off and dominate a begging cock sucker made it all happen. KC, the cocksucker flew in from houston for this load. Get the back story on our blog.      
  41: $59.95 + SH
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The story of Traffic Jam Joey just keeps getting better.  Like so many other stories here, they just take on a life of their own, and ya just can’t make this shit up!

KC, the cocksucker in this movie is currently from the Houston Texas area and has been a muscle fund supporter for about a year.  He first read about the beach house thing on the blog and kept up, and then he saw first photos of Joey.  KC promised made an offer that when we gave him the word, he would fly in from Houston, worship and service Joey and make it worth it for Joey.  He did, we did and that meeting is part of DVD #41.

KC meets Joey, and the fun begins.  Both were very nervous, KC was in total awe of meeting Joey and Joey took advantage of that.  He flex, posed, stripped and teased KC.  Then when he was good and ready Joey said, “So you wanna suck my cock, huh?”

KC fell to his knees, slurping and sucking as Joey sat back folded his arms behind his head and watched.

Joey wanted to wear a mask in this filming, something that is new here, we have our masks custom made, Joey wanted blue.  You can watch Joey’s eyes close with pleasure from time to time as KC deep throats him.  Then, when he’s ready Joey stands up and tells KC he is going to bless him.  With tongue out and mouth open Joey cranks out a thick muscle load while KC just eats that shit up like he should.

Prior to meeting Joey, KC had a few shots of Tequila and both had a few drinks.  Notice that KC slurs his words a bit, but I think what really made him “loopy” was the fantasy of sucking one out of Joey.

KC also asked for Adam…HINT!

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DVD# 24
Title: All Things Red, The Best Of The Red Door Vol #1 (40 Minutes)

This is a compilation DVD of Exclusive footage released to members between the months of The Red Door Opening in October 2005 and August of 2006. Red Door member emails and response have choosen these select scenes that inspired this first Volume of "The Best Of The Red Door". Now members can enjoy their favorite scenes in the same broadcast HD-DVD quality as all the other DVDs in the MuscleMatt DVD collection. Take your favorites from The Red Door home, and kick back in bed, or on your sofa for the Full "Stimulating" Red Door Theater experience in crisp High Definition sound and picture.

** DVD #24 is a 40 minute sample of the always new and fresh content uploaded monthly for Red Door members only. We are working on Volume 2 for next year that will contain the best of footage that is planned for the rest of 2006, and all through 2007! More of our buddies are being filmed and photographed for members only. Check it out.

Pick and choose the scenes you want to watch by using the professional menu navigation!

Menu Option #1


This DVD is the first look into the secret private world behind The Red Door!
7 Days Edging & Unloading: I have been blessed with big low hanging balls and the ability to shoot buckets full of muscle cum across the room! You love to see it and I love to show it to you. I kick back, lube up and pop off a load that was brewing for over 7 days. Watch as I just keep cumming and cumming all over "The Red Chair"...god that felt good! One member wrote, "Dude, looks like someone poured vanilla ice cream all over the chair". My response: "And just as sweet!" I could cum over and over for you guys, showing it off gets me off. Check out The DVD Collection and watch where else and on WHO else I blow my load. Ever get a Matt Facial?

Menu Option #2


  Billy's Audition: This was 20 year-old Billy's first nude / hard-on scene that was released to members only months before he went on to make DVD # 22, 23 and others in The DVD Collection. Before he decided to bottom and service some of our horny straight gym buddies we wanted to be sure he could pull it off on film. If you remember when we released DVD #19.5, he only wanted to show off his size 13 feet. We wanted to see if Billy had what it took to be our bottom boy and worshipper for the summer.

He admitted to jerking and sucking off some frat dudes, team mates at college and said he wanted to get more involved with us here. So we put him to the test in this scene as I kick back and let him give me a awesome hand job. It turned out Billy took his pants down and showed his big dick and massive load to Red Door members for the first time on camera. Members went wild and gave a thumbs up to Billy! Other scenes of Billy nude on the field, late night jerkoff are Behind The Red Door.


Menu Option #3



Carlo's Buddy Steven, Who knew? : (Red Door Favorite) Steven is an example of how the word is spreading that this is the only place for “real” straight muscle jocks to explore the erotic ego stroking of our secret underground.

April 2006, Steven approached Carlo “The Boss” saying he needed some cash because he was saving to get married and buy a house.  After several conversations about what he would or would not do for our cameras, Carlo let The Muscle Fund and the lure of cash inspire Steven to go further than he originally expected.  He needed to be sure his girlfriend and future wife would not find out.  He, like others before him, and others after him, realized this was the only place he could trust.

Before filming, Steven relaxed with a few drinks and soon began to confess to Carlo that he always “got a boner” thinking about getting worshipped and showing off.  He admitted the idea of getting paid to do it was hot and said he would get off on dominating gay guys that are into muscle.   As another Alpha Male, he and Carlo could totally relate so the chemistry was there for a very surprising filming.

Steven starts by sittting and talking to the camera, then does a slow undress flexing and posing bragging about his muscles; teasing and taunting the camera.  You will see attitude come out after the alcohol and his hard-on takes over.   The camera follows his every move right over to standing on the counter and taking a long healthy piss into the kitchen sink!!

Then we follow him to the shower, where he soaps up and can’t control his raging hard-on knowing you guys are watching him through the camera lens. 

From the shower to the bed loving the fact he is showing off his dick, he strokes on the bed in several different positions, all the while talking to the camera, stroking and getting ready to kneel on the counter and blow a HUGE THICK CREAMY muscle load all over the table.

Steven’s attitude was a hit with Red Door members and will make having this DVD a pleasure to sit, relax and watch in full screen DVD quality.

Update: October, 2006, Steven got married, and is still saving for a house. He says he thinks about what he did all the time and wants to come back for future features and DVDs. He just needs to work around living with his wife and finding the time to slip away.



Menu Option #4


Carlo and I Push The Limits!

Pissing On The Health Food Store Guy! : (From our Bathroom Cam / Fetish Theater ) You already know Carlo can get pretty aggressive and can be one demanding muscle guy.  In fact he has been my instigator on many occasions convincing me to “Just Do it” That is why we call him “BodyBoss”.  This scene was for Red Door members only it is about Jimmy the health food store guy who sucked and worshipped Carlo and I in DVD #20.  Well, it turned out that after that DVD, Carlo made Jimmy into our personal “Piss Boy”.  We pushed the limits after Jimmy begged for us to piss on him.  Carlo and I both went after the store closed and pissed all over this guy, we took the camera with us. 

Watch as Carlo first dominates this guy by making him kneel down and get pissed on.  Then, he zips up and lets me piss all over him.  We were not sure how members would react to this when it was first streamed, but far too many admitted they get off watching and loved the total submission by Jimmy.  We love it too!

Jimmy wanted more and that is what he got in other filmed piss scenes behind The Red Door.  Some of our other buddies whip it out and piss on camera.  Some of those clips now playing or coming soon.



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DVD # 24: $49.95 + $6.50 S&H

This is what members had to say when these were first released Behind The Red Door. These along with countless other outstanding reviews is why these were choosen for Volume 1 The Best Of The Red Door.

Steven is one HOT guy, he made me want to fall to my knees and just let him abuse the shit out of me! He has my vote for an encore appearance with The Red Door and my support for a full DVD just of Steven. All his footage has to be on The First Best of DVD.

Matt, I have every DVD of yours since you started, and I am a Red Door member, I never get tired of watching you cum. My favorite scene so far, if I had to choose one, was that MASSIVE load you shot on the chair. That is not cumming my friend, that is "throwing up".

Carlo, you know how to take charge, your picture should be next to the dictionary definition of Alpha Male. I never thought I would be into watching someone get pissed on. I want more, infact, you can piss on me when ever you want. You have to include one of your piss scenes on the Red Door DVD. The one where you and Matt line up and piss on that guy made me cream my seat. Your power comes through. Keep it up buddy. You guys are rocking the Internet with this stuff, it is authenic. I am a member for life.

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