DVD# 23

Stop, Drop and Roll-Over 2: Matt Slams Billy

Approx Run Time: 40 Minutes
Category: Muscle Worship / Domination
Crew Member (s): Matt
Cocksucker: Billy
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Billy evolved into a bottom boy we use like a fuck and suck toy. Matt broke him in but not before we got Billy a huge dildo and told him to practice for a pounding from Matt.
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Website visitors first met Billy in 19.5 and then various blog posts before he losened up and filmed 22, Athlete's feet. You guys fell in love with this young jock with a big smile. Billy became more comfortable with us as well as himself and expressed his secret fantasy about worshipping and servicing muscle.  Billy wanted to be our jock bottom boy for the summer and service some of our buds.  We bought Billy a big dick sized dildo that he used to practiced for about 6 weeks.

In this DVD, # 23, he wanted Matt.  So with no expectations in mind we set Matt and Billy up together and just let it all happen.  We told Billy if he wanted to be our bottom boy and start putting him with some of the crew, he needed to prove himself. Billy sucks Matt off like a champ in this one, deep throating every inch of Matt’s 8 inches.

Then First with a rubber on Matt fucks the hell out of Billy in several different positions.  After the rubber got boring, and used up, Matt rolls him over and lubes up to shove his big dick in Billy’s ass, raw and bare-back.

What happens from there is what is another firey hot scene of Matt Jack hammering this young jock.  Not since 16 has Matt topped a dude, especially on film but Billy wanted it.

After changed positions several more times, Matt pulls out and “Sauces” Billy with a MuscleMatt Cum shot that ranks up there with some of his best come shots.  Then, when Matt’s hot jizz pours out all over his chest and stomach Billy lets loose with a jock load of his own to mix it with Matt’s cum all over him. We made a bottom of Billy this summer as you will see in this DVD and others in the collection.  You can also see this horny young jock perform in select exclusive scenes at The Red Door.

Now Playing #23 Matt Pounds Billy Buy Ticket, Play Now!
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Be careful what you wish for! Billy wanted to service the crew and be used and abused by our hottest guys and he was, in fact still is! This kid proved he could swallow the biggest cock we gave me, and take a pounding for as long and as hard as we wanted. He is a champ!

-Billy Swallows Gregs 10 inches in 27 -Then takes a jack-hammar pounding from UnCut Chris in 29 -Eats Adam's and swallows his load in 37 -Then shows you how he practiced for all this when he fucks himself with his 10x7 dildo in a VOD called, Billy self-fuck, self-facial at The Red Door.

And on and on.... Billy worships Nick and swallows his load in 32 and still others ready for future release. Get on the mailing list and keep up with our blog, some of these will be offered for streaming as full DVDs or scenes from DVDs.

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