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These are the guys who are most trusted and closest to me, The Boss. They are hand chosen and "created" personally by me (Carlo). An exceptional body and a unique look helps, but its not enough to be a featured guy. A featured guy needs to be trusted, and needs to have substance; that extra "something" beyond the good looks. If you ask what that "something" is, I will probable tell you, "I'll know it when I see it and when I hear it."

All the images and film you see throughout this and any related Muscle Mafia site were taken and/or filmed by me. Other than some commentary about myself, all the comments, writings and descriptions are my writings, like The Blog, intended to give you a mental image a perspective of this organization from the inside. My purpose is to give you some insight on the people, situations and circumstances that make up The Muscle Mafia and its Crew. Click the images and links below to see some of their photos with me, read their profiles and a get list of movies your favorite crew member are appearing in.

Carlo's Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies Matt's Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies Brad's Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies Adam's Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies Kyle's Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies Derek Atlas Photo Album, Profile and List of Movies
Carlo "The Boss" Matt Brad Adam Kyle

Derek Atlas

Honorary Featured Crew

More Blessed! Below are just some of the other Muscle Mafia Crew members who spent time in front of our cameras and made some memorable films always seem to hover around the top 12 or most down loaded lists. Some guys filmed only 1 or 2 movies, others more but all shared the same rare quality that at best gave them some time in front of our cameras. Some, had the potential to be a Featrued Crew Member but for one reason or another didn't quite make it that far. But there is always the possibility of return. Each have interesting back stories of how or why they got here and why they are no longer here. These stories will be told in some projects I already have in development. The last 10 years have brought about some seductive and entertaining movies, but also some very interesting stories not captured on film; some stories are as recent as yesterday.

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